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    ABSTRACT: In metazoan cells during the interphase nuclear DNA is organized in supercoiled, topologically constrained loops anchored to a proteinaceous compartment or substructure commonly known as the nuclear matrix (NM). The DNA-NM interactions result from a thermodynamically-driven process leading to the necessary dissipation of structural stress along chromosomal DNA, otherwise the chromosomes would break into pieces. Such DNA-NM interactions define a nuclear higher-order structure that is independent of chromatin proteins. On the other hand, a metazoan cell no longer able to undergo mitosis is defined as post-mitotic and this condition indicates a terminally differentiated cell that may survive in such a state for indefinite time. The non-reversible nature of the post-mitotic state suggests a non-genetic basis for it since no spontaneous or induced mutations can revert it. Yet in individual cells the loss of proliferative potential has both a developmental and a stochastic component. Here we discuss evidence suggesting that the stability of the nuclear higher-order structure is the factor that links the stochastic and developmental components leading to the post-mitotic state.
    Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 05/2014; DOI:10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2014.02.002
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    ABSTRACT: Given a continuum X and n∈Nn∈N. Let H(X)∈{2X,C(X),Fn(X)}H(X)∈{2X,C(X),Fn(X)} be a hyperspace of X, where 2X2X, C(X)C(X) and Fn(X)Fn(X) are the hyperspaces of all nonempty closed subsets of X, all subcontinua of X and all nonempty subsets of X with at most n points, respectively, with the Hausdorff metric. For a mapping f:X→Yf:X→Y between continua, let H(f):H(X)→H(Y)H(f):H(X)→H(Y) be the induced mapping by f, given by H(f)(A)=f(A)H(f)(A)=f(A). On the other hand, for 1⩽m<n1⩽m<n, SFmn(X) denotes the quotient space Fn(X)/Fm(X)Fn(X)/Fm(X) and similarly, let SFmn(f) denote the natural induced mapping between SFmn(X) and SFmn(Y). In this paper we prove some relationships between the mappings f, 2f2f, C(f)C(f), Fn(f)Fn(f) and SFmn(f) for the following classes of mapping: atomic, confluent, light, monotone, open, OM, weakly confluent, hereditarily weakly confluent.
    Topology and its Applications 02/2014; 163:66–76. DOI:10.1016/j.topol.2013.10.007
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    ABSTRACT: The present study assessed the effect of lambda cyhalothrin, cypermethrin and dimethoate residues in cowpea haulm on microbial fermentation using gas syringes as incubators. The lambda cyhalothrin, cypermethrin and dimethoate were applied at the vegetative, flowering and podding stages of the cowpea at the rate of 2.66 mg/L, 5.14 nng/L and 6.68 mg/L of water, respectively. Dimethoate was detected in the cowpea haulm at the highest concentration of 1.38 mg/kg. The haulm with no pesticide treatment was incubated with media containing rumen fluid, and pesticides were added at concentrations of 40 mg/kg, 80 mg/kg and 120 mg/kg. In vitro gas production was measured at 3 h, 6 h, 12 h, 24 h, 48 h, 72 h and 96 h to estimate the rate of gas evolution. Gas production in general was influenced by pesticide application. In general, gas evolution was reduced by increasing levels of lambda cyhalothrin up to 80 mg/kg. However, an increase in gas accumulation was observed with increasing levels of dimethoate, while the application of cypermethrin yielded no noticeable change in gas production. The study indicates that pesticide residues may function as toxins at concentrations greater than those encountered in the field or lethal dose (LD50) and may inhibit the growth of rumen microbes.
    South African Journal Of Animal Science 01/2014; 44(3):215-219. DOI:10.4314/sajas.v44i3.2


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    Toluca, Mexico
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