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  • Anthropology & Education Quarterly 10/2009; 15(4):326 - 330.
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    ABSTRACT: Public bilingual education for non-Spanish-speaking Indian children has been in existence in Mexico for some 33 years, longer than in the United States. Since a review of research on bilingual education in Mexico, published in 1978, both the quantity and quality of the studies has increased notably. Basic studies have prevailed, especially those related to the myriad Indian languages of the country. Action research, incidental to the preparation of curriculum materials, has also been more fruitful than in the past. The few objective evaluations conducted during the period under consideration, all government sponsored, have been notable for the publication of a wide range of results, including those critical of official programs. Equally notable has been the alacrity with which the results have been applied to planning and programs, if not yet at the school house level.
    Contemporary Educational Psychology 07/1984; 9(3):254-259.


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    Mexico City, Mexico
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