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    ABSTRACT: It was previously demonstrated that gamma irradiation was the processing technology with the highest capacity to maintain the chemical profile of fresh Macrolepiota procera wild mushroom, when compared to freeze-dried or oven-dried samples. Herein, it was aimed to evaluate gamma irradiation effects on processed samples. Chemical composition and antioxidant potential of irradiated (0.5 and 1kGy) fresh, frozen and dried samples were determined by chromatographic techniques and in vitro assays, respectively. M. procera irradiation attenuated the effects caused by oven-drying or freezing; combining freeze treatment with 0.5kGy dose preserved total tocopherols. Rather than a conservation methodology, gamma irradiation might act as a useful adjuvant to other conservation techniques (e.g., freezing or oven-drying).
    Food Chemistry 04/2014; 149:91-8.
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    ABSTRACT: Plant analysis plays a major role in fertilizer recommendations for perennial tree crops and vines. Plant analysis, however, does not quantify the rate of nutrients to apply. The approach developed in this work takes into account the content of the nutrients in grapevine parts and their dynamic within the plant to assist in the estimation of the amount of fertilizer to apply. Groups of three vines were cut at ground level on four different dates from September 14th to November 28th. On the first sampling date the vines were separated into trunk, cordons, canes, leaves and clusters for determination of dry matter content and elemental composition. On the following dates the vines were separated into the plant parts that were still present, since the clusters were only present on the first sampling date and the leaves on the first two. To assess the mobility of nutrients within the plant, samples of phloem vessels and sawdust of the entire trunk were taken as well as samples of chlorotic and green leaves. Nitrogen (N), potassium (K), phosphorus (P) and boron (B) showed mobility within the plant whereas calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) did not. The removal of nutrients in clusters is critical for estimating N and K fertilizer rates. Clusters removed 19.9 kg N ha−1 and 28.7 kg K ha−1. In the case of N, it is also important to assess the system's ability to recycle the nutrient contained in the leaves and canes which amounted to 49.4 kg N ha−1. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium applications might not justify being taken into account in the annual fertilization plan. Thus, the establishment of the fertilization programme should be a nutrient-specific exercise which takes into account all sources of information, including target yield and nutrient content in clusters, the vineyard management strategies influencing nutrient use efficiency from fallen leaves and prunings and soil testing and plant analysis.
    Scientia Horticulturae 01/2014; 172:191–198.
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    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of body fat and somatotype on explosive strength and aerobic capacity trainability in the pre-pubertal growth spurt, marked by rapid changes in body size, shape and composition, all of which are sexually dimorphic. One hundred twenty-five healthy children (58 boys, 67 girls), aged 10-11 years old (10.8 ± 0.4 years), who were self-assessed in Tanner stages 1-2, were randomly assigned into two experimental groups to train twice a week for 8 weeks: strength training group (19 boys, 22 girls), endurance training group (21 boys, 24 girls), and a control group (18 boys, 21 girls). Evaluation of body fat was carried out using the method described by Slaughter. Somatotype was computed according to the Heath-Carter method. Increased endomorphy reduced the likelihood of vertical jump height improvement (OR: 0.10; CI 95%: 0.01-0.85), increased mesomorphy (OR: 6.15; CI 95%: 1.52-24.88) and ectomorphy (OR: 6.52; CI 95%: 1.71-24.91) increased the likelihood of sprint performance, and increased ectomorphy (OR: 3.84; CI 95%: 1.20-12.27) increased the likelihood of aerobic fitness gains. Sex did not affect the training-induced changed in strength or aerobic fitness. These data suggest that somatotype has an effect on explosive strength and aerobic capacity trainability which should not be disregarded. The effect of adiposity on explosive strength, musculoskeletal magnitude on running speed, and relative linearity on running speed and aerobic capacity seem to be crucial factors related to training-induced gains in prepubescent boys and girls.
    The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 12/2013; 27(12):3233-3244.


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