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  • Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique, 01/2010, Degree: PhD
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    ABSTRACT: In this work, we have studied transfer function of multimode optical fibers considering chromatic and modal dispersion in the local area network (LAN) context. The chromatic transfer function is explored with taking into account two wavelength used in optical LAN. We have investigated mode-depending parameters, namely, modal delay, modal attenuation and mode-coupling effects as a function of wavelength. We have reported that the number of excited mode groups depend strongly on spot radius beam when the fiber is excited with a Gaussian input beam. We have proved that, frequency response of silica optical fiber is comprised between 3 and 6 dBo for 850 and 1300 nm when chromatic and modal effect is considered.
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference, 2009. WOCC 2009. 18th Annual; 06/2009
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we use an anisotropic diffusion in a level set framework for low-level segmentation of necrotic femoral heads. Our segmentation is based on three speed terms. The first one includes an adaptive estimation of the contrast level. We use the entropy for evaluating our diffusion on synthetic 3D data. We notice that using the data fidelity term in the last iterations excessively penalizes the diffusion process. To provide better segmentation results, we propose some modifications in the data fidelity speed: we propose to build its reference data term from previous iterations results and hence lessening influence of initial noisy data.
    Conference proceedings: ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference 02/2007; 2007:804-7.


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    Manouba, Tunisia
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