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    ABSTRACT: Compared to other writers, such as novelists, poets have higher rates of mood disorders and suicide. Recently a new form of poetry has taken rise–spoken word poetry, in which performing and competing is incorporated in the medium. This study qualitatively explored how this new form of poetry affects poets’ mood and overall well-being. Ten poets were interviewed, and transcripts of these interviews were analyzed using grounded theory. Findings suggest that connecting with a community, having a forum of communication, emotional development, and having an internal drive to write and perform help the poets to feel balanced in everyday life. The performance aspect of spoken word poetry seems to confer several benefits that would not be found in writing alone, such as social support through connecting with others.
    The Arts in Psychotherapy. 01/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: The present article describes teaching experiences and observations in college courses and public lectures on twins. It is concluded that much more information about twins, at both research and practical levels, requires general dissemination. This discussion is followed by reviews of recent twin research on the topics of obesity control, post-zygotic mutation, in vitro fertilization, and schisis-associated defects. Media reports of twins accused of rape, infant Chinese twins sold separately for profit, a twin CEO, and twins pursuing the same career are presented.
    Twin Research and Human Genetics 11/2013;
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    ABSTRACT: Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) has been described as a common mechanism of transferring genetic material between prokaryotes, whereas genetic transfers from eukaryotes to prokaryotes have been rarely documented. Here we report a rare case of HGT in which plant expansin genes that code for plant cell-wall loosening proteins were transferred from plants to bacteria, fungi, and amoebozoa. In several cases, the species in which the expansin gene was found is either in intimate association with plants or is a known plant pathogen. Our analyses suggest that at least two independent genetic transfers occurred from plants to bacteria and fungi. These events were followed by multiple HGT events within bacteria and fungi. We have also observed that in bacteria expansin genes have been independently fused to DNA fragments that code for an endoglucanase domain or for a carbohydrate binding module, pointing to functional convergence at the molecular level. Furthermore, the functional similarities between microbial expansins and their plant xenologs suggest that these proteins mediate microbial-plant interactions by altering the plant cell wall, therefore may provide adaptive advantages to these species. The evolution of these non-plant expansins represents a unique case in which bacteria and fungi have found innovative and adaptive ways to interact with and infect plants by acquiring genes from their host. This evolutionary paradigm suggests that despite their low frequency such HGT events may have contributed significantly in the evolution of prokaryotic and eukaryotic species.
    Molecular Biology and Evolution 10/2013;


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Eastern Mediterranean health journal = La revue de santé de la Méditerranée orientale = al-Majallah al-ṣiḥḥīyah li-sharq al-mutawassiṭ 12/2004; 10(6):716-30.
Strength and conditioning journal 09/2001; 23(5):62.

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