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    ABSTRACT: The induction motors, which have simple structures and design, are the essential elements of the industry. Their long-lasting utilization in critical processes possibly causes unavoidable mechanical and electrical defects that can deteriorate the production. The early diagnosis of the defects in induction motors is crucial in order to avoid interruption of manufacturing. In this work, the mechanical and the electrical faults which can be observed frequently on the induction motors are classified by means of analysis of the acoustic data of squirrel cage induction motors recorded by using several microphones simultaneously since the true nature of propagation of sound around the running motor provides specific clues about the types of the faults. In order to reveal the traces of the faults, multiple microphones are placed in a hemispherical shape around the motor. Correlation and wavelet-based analyses are applied for extracting necessary features from the recorded data. The features obtained from same types of motors with different kind of faults are used for the classification using the Self-Organizing Maps method. As it is described in this paper, highly motivating results are obtained both on the separation of healthy motor and faulty one and on the classification of fault types.
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 01/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: This study presents a 0-1 integer programming model for air traffic flow management. The model is used for determining optimum departure times of aircraft so as to avoid aircraft conflicts and to balance capacity and demand on the airports. Standard air traffic control procedural separation minimas were set as conflict criteria, which has never been done before, and this makes it convenient for use in planning of flows in airspace sectors especially without surveillance system. The model was tested on an imaginary scenario, including an airspace sector, airport capacities and flight plans, and solved by a mathematical modeling and optimization software. Considering conflicts before takeoff, as in this study, might prevent riskier and costlier air traffic control measures such as heading, speed and flight level changes. The great need for these measures can be easily inferred from the solution results that presents delay times due to conflict related constraints. Utilizing both standard conflict criteria based on procedural separation minimas used in air traffic control and standard Air Traffic Flow Management strategy based on ground holding of aircraft in planning of flows, makes it easier to adapt the model to current Air Traffic Flow Management system.
    Aerospace Science and Technology 01/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: Preprocessing is one of the key components in a typical text classification framework. This paper aims to extensively examine the impact of preprocessing on text classification in terms of various aspects such as classification accuracy, text domain, text language, and dimension reduction. For this purpose, all possible combinations of widely used preprocessing tasks are comparatively evaluated on two different domains, namely e-mail and news, and in two different languages, namely Turkish and English. In this way, contribution of the preprocessing tasks to classification success at various feature dimensions, possible interactions among these tasks, and also dependency of these tasks to the respective languages and domains are comprehensively assessed. Experimental analysis on benchmark datasets reveals that choosing appropriate combinations of preprocessing tasks, rather than enabling or disabling them all, may provide significant improvement on classification accuracy depending on the domain and language studied on.
    Information Processing & Management 01/2014; 50(1):104 - 112.


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